A website devoted to the rediscovery of the works of early 20th century illustrator Henry E. Vallely (1881-1950). Perhaps best known for his chiaroscuro technique employed in Big Little Books, he also produced a large volume of work including fashion illustrations for women's magazines, spot illustrations for food periodicals, magazine covers and children's books. His art is distinctive and timeless and deserves the recognition that has until this time eluded it. Comments and contributions towards the preservation of the H. E. Vallely legacy are most welcome. All images are believed to be in the public domain unless otherwise noted.

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Artist Revealed!

For the first time ever, we now know what Henry E. Vallely looked like! Apparently taken while in his 20s, this portrait has been provided courtesy of his granddaughter Pamela Joy McMorrow, to whom I'm very grateful. Mrs. McMorrow has been kind enough offer a few rare photographs of her grandfather as well as some of his never before published sketches from an old family album which I will be posting in the not too distant future. Special thanks must also be given to fellow Vallely collector John Pansmith for his help in bringing these to The Vallely Archives.



Anonymous MM said...

Hi, this is a fascinating site.
Have you any information about H E Vallely's origins. My husband has relatives in Co Armagh and there are Vallely's in the UK.
J B Vallely is a famous Irish painter. Both my husband's brother and cousin are artists in their own right. My brother-in-law particularly, is a cartoonist, musician and playwright. Could there be a genetic link? I would be glad to receive any thoughts you may have on this.

8:25 AM

Blogger John Zeleznik said...

Hey Dave

Great blog. Love to see this beautiful classic work!

10:05 AM

Blogger John Zeleznik said...

Hey Dave

Great blog. Love to see this beautiful classic work!

10:08 AM

Anonymous Zambry banii said...

He was a great man!

1:37 PM

Anonymous GeorgeHagenauer said...

Been a fan of Vallely's work for over 40 years so it is nice to finally see him.
I just got in the art for 3 Goldsmith book covers by him if you get me your email I'll share scans of that art and other goldsmith pieces by Vallely- his originals for some reason are scarce in spite of the large amount of work he did
George Hagenauer yellowkd@tds.net

6:52 AM


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